Procedure & Contact

You can contact me through email : We will then first have a short phone call to discuss practical issues and to decide whether to plan an intake session. The intake session costs 40 euro and is not a therapy session. Of course we will talk about the reason why you would like therapy. I will explain how I work and answer your questions. This session will allow you to feel how the contact between us is and it will give you some idea of how it would be to work with me. The intake will last for one hour at maximum.

After the intake session we will both take a few days to consider whether we both feel we could work together. In Core Process Psychotherapy therapist and client see each other weekly. Sessions last one hour.

You can download the client contract  here.


My practice is in the South of Eindhoven (Stratum) at Roostenlaan 56. It can be reached by public transport, and is at about 15 minutes from Eindhoven Central Station by bus. There is parking space close to the practice.


I charge 85 euros for one session.
Most insurance companies will pay part of the fee as ‘alternatieve (psychosociale) zorg’: alternative (psychosocial) care.

I charge 40 euro for an intake session.